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Mission and Service

First Church is a church in mission.  We not only DO mission and outreach work as a congregation... but we also give (monetarily) to empower ministry to happen in other places. Individuals from our congregation who passionately believe in the life-giving work of these ministries act as mission champions.

Churches that practice Risk-Taking Mission and Service hear in the human need of their neighbors the distant call of God.  Against all odds, they figure out a response and offer themselves faithfully and genuinely, even at some cost to themselves.  God uses them to transform the world. (Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations)  How is God calling you to be a champion, to take a risk, to meet the needs of a hurting world?  I invite you to reflect, learn, and then act by answering God’s call through one of the many First Church outreach or mission ministries.   

Laure Mieskowski, Director of Outreach & Mission Ministries

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​Risk-Taking Mission: Meeting Blessed People...

9/23/2014 by Richard Johnson
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Have you ever wondered about certain people who are different? People who look different, act different, talk different, and have different values?

The wonderful experience of risk-taking mission and service through the outreach ministries of First Church has taught me that the more we explore and involve ourselves in the lives of others, the more...

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